EvenTiket Payment Processing

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If you're running a paid event, EvenTiket Payment Processing is the standard method for accepting payments online.
  1. What EvenTiket Payment Processing Costs
    1. For every paid ticket sold on our platform, EvenTiket Payment Processing is charging RM 1.50.
      This is in addition to the EvenTiket service fee (RM3.00 per paid ticket), which you'll pay regardless of which payment processor you pick. By default, fees are passed on to your attendees.
  2. When and How You'll Be Paid
    1. Payout image
      Payouts (with fees automatically deducted) start processing 4-5 days after the end of an event, and the fastest way to get paid is to set up direct deposit payouts. Payouts are only issued in Malaysia currency and it is deposited directly into your bank account.
      Once initiated, direct deposits typically show up in your account within 3 business days in Malaysia (excluding weekend), depending on the bank.
      NOTE: With a week that starts on Sunday, the letters in the sample schedule correspond to:
      • A: Day your event ends.
      • B: Date of payment�when we initiated your direct deposit or send your check (U.S. only).
      • C: Day by which funds should be received.
  3. Handling Refunds with EvenTiket Payment Processing
    1. All refund processes will be handled manually by us.
      The refund process is initiated after the event end date.
      NOTE: If you'd like to issue a refund after your payout is initiated, you'll need to do so offline using an agreed upon method between yourself and the attendee. Simply send us proof of the refund issued (scanned check image, official transfer slip from bank, etc.), and we'll add a fee credit to your account to put towards your next future payout or invoice.