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It's absolutely free to post and promote your free events using our best-in-class features.

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Start selling your event tickets and registration using EvenTiket today. We offer affordable fee for paid event.

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Frequently asked questions

Do I have to pay anything to get started? - +

It's free to sign up and post an event on EvenTiket. There's no monthly or set up fees. We only charge a fee when attendees pay money to buy a ticket or register for an event, and we'll send an invoice for the EvenTiket Service Fees and online banking payment gateway fee.

How do I make sure I get my money? - +

Make sure you fill in correct information related to the Organizer information. We will verify the information and transfer the money collected after the event is executed. However, you can request for payment earlier by writing to us and by providing extra documentation to support your request.